Harry T. Barnes




Book one in the "Over the Barnes Bridge" series is a true story about my paternal grandparent’s childhood tragedies and how they survived and found one another in the early 1900s.  He in Baltimore City.  She in an Appalachian coal mining town in Western Maryland. 

In 1908, Ida was incarcerated for two years in a Reform School. That same year, Norman's mother was committed to a mental hospital leaving him to fend for himself.

Both children had to grow up fast, and there was little time for tears. This is their story.

Harry T. Barnes



In book two, the story continues with the death of their son, Ida’s mental breakdown, and a perilous move from their home in Baltimore City to a coal mining and logging town in Appalachia.

The spring of 1919 finds them and their four remaining children living in "McCullough Town” where  Jim is forced to become a coal miner.

Harry T. Barnes



“Condo Capers" are short mystery stories set in the imaginary Florida Gulf Coast village of Slash Pine. Mary McKenzie Morningstar, "M,” is a retired psychotherapist. Her husband, Harrison Blake Blacklock, "Blackie," was a National Park Service  law enforcement ranger. 

 Anticipating sunny, peaceful days in their retirement, they moved from frigid New England to a little condo at White Ibis Condominiums in southwest Florida.

When murder is afoot, professional curiosity and sense of duty drive M and Blackie doggedly in the pursuit of justice. Although Sheriff Ambrose of the Mango County Police Department repeatedly warns them not to interfere in police work, M and Blackie never rest until Ambrose solves his case.